Woof And Meow Teach believes that the best time to teach children emotional and mental soft skills are in the early learning years - when the paradigms and belief systems of children are not fully developed yet.   Currently, most soft skills are not taught in any nursery or primary schools.  Current statistics states nearly 2 in 5 children suffers from some kind of mental health issue.

“If your emotions were understood and valued, your emotions became valuable assets later in life. But, if you're emotional experiences were confusing, threatening or painful, you most likely did your best to distance yourself from them.”

Woof And Meow Teach’s objectives are to educate children helping them to enhance their soft skills.

Our Feelings module: 
Provides the opportunity to sit and discuss feelings and enables them to mentally form healthy concepts around feelings and emotions.

Our Sing-along songs:
Provides positive affirmations and uses repetition - that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Modules Fabulous Fruits and Veg:
Learning that healthy eating contributes to you're overall system and keeps it healthy.

Module Stories to enjoy:
Children learn about the environment and eating healthy.  They learn taking care of others and how important it is to support each other.

Further Reading:


Emotional Intelligence are defined by four attributes:  Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.


Read more on Every Child Matters. This framework coincides with Woof and Meow Teach’s aims and objectives.

"The conclusion that we would make is that these [soft] skills should be emphasized even more in our education system and in our system of socialising children," says Kenneth Dodge, a professor of public policy and of psychology and neuroscience at Duke who was a principal investigator in this study as well as in the original Fast Track project. Parents should do all they can to promote these skills with their children, Dodge says, as should education policymakers.


Read more on Emotional and Mental science and studies done by the HeartMath Institute. Many scientific studies shows the importance of expanding awareness in these areas.



Why not grab a copy of The Adventures of Woof and Meow. The two main characters in the story inspired the creation of Woof and Meow Teach.

"Before we begin learning the skills that enable us to override stress and stay healthy and happy, we would be wise to first take a look at things we do that can block our ability to acquire new habits."