Chris and Jolene Van Wyk, together with Madelein De Beer decided to join forces to establish Woof And Meow Teach. 

Woof And Meow Teach’s main aim is to provide a fun animated twist while teaching little children different subject fields.   Our aim - to create a variety of different modules that would genuinely contribute to help young toddlers advance their emotional and mental intelligence from a young age. All the modules use soft techniques such as positive affirmative messages.

Telling stories with underlying messages focused on caring for each other. Teaching them the importance of healthy eating and living, which contributes to their overall mental and physical health. Helping them understand that we need to take care of our environment. But most of all Woof and Meow aspire to become their friends while creating a fun animated learning environment!!

Our Motto - "An individual that is emotionally aware will help himself. He will then help those around him, and this will create a sustainable effect that will benefit the health of the society"

“I am an entrepreneur and a poet. I studied IT for many years. I hold a Professional Graduate Degree in IT. This has significantly changed the way I look at the world. I believe in continued personal development. I thoroughly believe we are programmable, always evolving and need to continually update and upgrade ourselves as Human-Being systems.”
Madelein De Beer

“My passion to educate and transform young children comes from being an ESL Teacher as well as a Reiki Practitioner. Working with young learners for the past 8 years, I’ve realized the importance of a balanced foundation obtained through understanding and play. I feel it is beneficial for children to learn from a young age, that we are all connected and what it means to live in harmony with ourselves and nature.”
Jolene Van Wyk

“I worked in IT for many years, but it was only after I started teaching that I found my true passion. I’ve been a Teacher for the past 8 years and I find it rewarding to see how kids learn and grow. I feel it is important that we encourage children from a young age to understand what it means to have a healthy body and mind. Guide them to achieve it and have fun while doing so.”
Chris van Wyk