Welcome To Woof And Meow Teach.
An online educational portal for children ages 2-7!
Woof And Meow Teach's main aim is to educate small children by adding
a fun animated twist to the learning material. We all know that small children have
a short attention span, therefore all our modules are highly interactive.
We cover a variety of subjects, from learning the ABC, about our Solar system,
modules infused with positive affirmations and much more.  

A completion certificate can be printed after completing specific modules - a great incentive for little kids to work towards!
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English Learning about our environment.
Here we learn about our Earth and our Solar System. The more we know the better we can care for it.
Learn the Alphabet, phonetics and English Animal Names
Learn the alphabet and letter sounds while learning new animal names.
Learn English word families. Learn to read.
Boost your reading confidence. Learn to read by blending sounds to form words.  
Read along with our fun stories
Reading is fun! Have fun while reading along with our stories.
Learn English Fruit names
How many fruits do you know?  Try to eat five fruits everyday.
Learn English Vegetable names
Master new Vegetable names. Vegetables are great for your health.
English Colors
Colors make the world brighter and they help us more than we know. What is your favorite color?
Sing along and learn abilities
Do you like to sing? Sing along with our songs and learn more about what you can do.
Explore and Understand your Feelings! Learn who you are through your feelings.